As a consortium, our firm works in over 72 Countries globally. Our partners include one of the Top Five Banks in the World and four of the Banks in the Top 25 globally.

Within each Country, we generally have a “partner” brokerage firm or licensed party to whom transactions are completed through, or your firm will work with the closest regional head office. There are currently regional head offices within Hong Kong, Accra – Ghana, Johannesburg – South Africa, Belize, BVI, Madrid – Spain, UK, Luxembourg, Paris, Istanbul, Port Luis – Mauritius, New Zealand, and various other Countries. When you contact us, we will put you in contact with one of the Regional Head Offices.

Our team has been strategically developed to enable:

  • Capital Structures and Capital Raising Plans
  • Prospectus Documents, Offering Memorandums, and Listing Documents
  • Bond formation
  • Safe Keeping Receipts
  • MT 760 and MT 799 messages and Banking System Messages for BGs, LCs, SKRs, and Certificates of Beneficial Interest
  • Registrar services for Certificates of Beneficial Interest, Trust Units, Shares, and other issuances
  • Introduction to Caution Policies, Country Risk Policies, Capital Guarantees, Sovereign Guarantees, Bank Guarantees, and Insurance Policies
  • Introduction to Rating services
  • Introduction to placement and distribution services by registered parties to do so or institutional “professionals” seeking rated products
  • Introduction to Management, Custodianship, administration, and execution for the running of Bonds, Funds, and Schemes “payments” and “investments” including dividend or coupon payrolls, reporting, and Governance
  • Credit Enhancement of Securitization Funds or Products
  • Forming Banks
  • Forming Investment and Professional Funds (and managing the Funds)
  • Listing of assets on stock markets such as NYSE Euronext, AIM, LSE, Deutsche Bourse – Frankfurt Entry, CNSX, TSX, NASDAQ, US OTCBB – OTCQX, GXG, OMX, BIT, Berlin, and several other regional markets.

Collectively our consortium has listed over 3,000 companies and securities globally, it has built in excess of over $70 billion in bond structures, funds, and investment vehicles. Our consortium has participated in the formation, running, or management of over 100 brokerage firms, advisories, and institutions. (

The vast knowledge of markets include on staff Lawyers, Auditors, Stock Brokers, Financial Advisors, Wealth Management Advisors, Fund Managers, Bankers, Venture Capitalists, and experienced financers.

From securitization of small business loans and SMEs structures, Country assets and development projects, to distributed Solar Energy projects, there is always a structure we can build, credit enhance, and verify for distribution.

We verify, form, issue, and manage on behalf of clients who wish to distribute value for investment or collateral globally.

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