Safe Keeping Receipts

Safe Keeping Receipts (SKR) are the deposit of the assets contractually or physically within a Banking or Custodian structure that gives a receipt of the deposit as an available asset. This SKR can then be placed within a securitization structure as the asset that backs the investment capital. Generally a safe keeping receipt can be transmitted over bank messaging systems such as a Swift message to ensure the investor that the “asset” is transferable upon default of the bond, fund, or loan that is secures or backs. The consortium member, structures the product based on internationally recognized standards, and utilizes Top 25 world branded Banks if messaging is required. SKRs as instruments come with a special purpose securitization vehicle and an ISIN number within the UK. The documentation and contractual obligations define the structure of the SKR and ultimately the value placed on it when used as an asset.

Through the issuance of a Safekeeping Receipt we allow our clients to utilize our infrastructure as a custodian / fiduciary third party holder’s holder of their assets for the issuance of a Safekeeping Receipt (SKR).

Financial institutions request Safekeeping Receipts from asset owners for numerous reasons, such as: Proof of ownership, Proof of Funds, a legal tender for financing, etc. Among others we issue SKR’s for the following Assets:

• Oil and Natural Reserves

• Collectibles, Art and Antiques

• Gold, Precious Metals or Gems

• Real Estate, Titles to properties, Above Ground Assets

• Commercial Property

• Shares, Bonds

• Valuable Documents

• Patents

We are able to arrange the issuance of a Safekeeping Receipt for your ILLIQUID ASSETS and assign to it an ISIN/SEDOL code that is registered and verifiable in the London Stock Exchange – SEDOL screen as well as having the capability of SWIFT Transfers.

The advantages of our SKR’s over the traditional SKR’s are:

A. By assigning an ISIN/SEDOL code the SKR becomes a financial instrument that can be deposited in any brokerage account and therefore enhancing access to the capital markets;

B. Also, the issuer-specific limitations are minimized when it comes to the probability of raising capital, as our SKR’s are broken into certificates that can be distribute to multiple parties in denominations;

C. The funding sources are automatically diversified as it can targets institutional investors and also be utilized for transaction structures (i.e. Mergers and Acquisitions, etc.);

D. Availability to utilize the financial instrument to complete mergers and acquisitions as well as divestitures, more efficiently;

E. We can also register the security with a Registrar and a Securities Exchange (if needed). Therefore, the ILLIQUID ASSET exchanges hands in the form of Certificates of Beneficial Interest (as stocks and bonds do) and such certificates can be deposited in any securities account or Brokerage Account (please remember: it has been assigned an ISIN/SEDOL code) hence eliminating the previously necessary physical delivery (bearer form) as all transactions take place as a book entry in the offices of the Registrar, who is also the issuer of the SKR.

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