Our Services

The securitization and banking industry is a not as complex as one would think if you have the right partners and consortium of professionals. We strongly believe one firm cannot give you the full service that is required but that it takes the combined efforts of several experts to form the ideal structures and strategies. Often a single Law Firm or consultancy will try to use their international offices to assist, but innovation doesn’t always travel through an organization as we would expect. Innovation is in finding the best professionals within a market and working closely with them. Our partners teach us the best of each jurisdiction, and we utilize this experience to build the ideal structures.

The following are services offered by our consortium:

UK Bond and Securitization

Through the SPV structure a Bond offering is formed that can be made as an offering internationally. The Bond includes the SPV structure, the ISIN, the base prospectus document, trust indenture or safe keeping receipts and management. Essentially, the assets back the Bond or SPV for investors. Within this service an Bank or Insurance firm can complement and credit enhance the structure through a caution policy, risk insurance policy, capital guarantee, or a form of assurance to ensure the investors principal investment and possibly the interest as well. This enables BBB plus to AAA rated securitization bonds, securitization funds, and or securitization loans through the sale of the bonds.

Mauritius Investment Fund and Securitization Fund

The Mauritius Investment Fund and Securitization Fund is an ideal structure for launching an investment vehicle for Green Energy, SMEs, Development, Resources, or any business with a fixed return potential. The Investment Fund is licensed and listed within the local market, giving international exposure within a recognized financial market. Securitization funds such as Alibaba or SolarCity have been developed to raise anywhere from $50 million to in access of several $100 million for loans and development of energy projects. Securitization Funds are ideal for large scale infrastructure projects, such as agriculture, housing, energy, and infrastructure utility projects. If you are looking to raise funds, and believe going public or issuing bonds is the only way, the cheapest method is actually to build an Investment Fund, in a respected jurisdiction for international investment such as Mauritius. The Mauritius fund is built and structured to hold the assets you would like to invest in, the capital is raised by selling UNITs of the fund, which then is registered and listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange. Mauritius Funds actually have a better reputation than Luxembourg Funds, several of the Luxembourg funds have proven to be too costly to operate, international investors have been burned by poorly managed funds within that market, and therefore, it’s a bad investment to build the structure in Luxembourg. From our firms experience, building the fund in Mauritius is more flexible and easier to run with less overhanging costs. This process and all pricing includes:

  • Global Business Licenses 1 and or Global Business License 2
  • The Fund License Domiciled in Mauritius
  • Administration, ML Reporting Officer, Deputy MLRO, NAV, Year End IFRS, Tax Residency Cert, prospectus, Mauritius Law Firm, first year Mauritius Tax Authorities, processing fees, and opening Bank accounts.
  • A management company to work as the back office of the Fund (Monthly management accounts fees apply)

*Some additional costs apply depending on the dynamics of the fund structure.

Asset Securitization

There are several ways to form the asset securitization, such as a Special Purpose Securitization Vehicle, where the assets through a trust indenture or commitment are transferred to or pledged to the SPSV for safe keeping. The SPSV could also simply hold the right and transferability of a “safe keeping receipt” or SKR, which is a financial document and method of holding the assets on behalf of the owner, which can have a loan drawn against it. The SKR value and assets therefore would be issued in the name of the SPSV. Safe Keeping Receipts are often used in transactions where proof of product is required, but it can also be used in securitization. Essentially a Safe Keeping Receipt is a form of securitization as it takes the bundle of assets and places their ownership inside of a Bank for the purpose of leveraging for a loan. By combining this with a Bond or Fund, the investment is secured by the SKR value, and can give a fixed or variable rate of return to the investor based on the “bond” or “fund” interest offering. One of the key elements of giving the full value to the asset securitization is also the inclusion of a 3rdparty valuation of the asset or intangible value of the use of funds for the business that is securitized

Safe Keeping Receipts

Safe Keeping Receipts (SKR) are the deposit of the assets contractually or physically within a Banking or Custodian structure that gives a receipt of the deposit as an available asset. This SKR can then be placed within a securitization structure as the asset that backs the investment capital. Generally a safe keeping receipt can be transmitted over bank messaging systems such as a Swift message to ensure the investor that the “asset” is transferable upon default of the bond, fund, or loan that is secures or backs. The consortium member, < structures the product based on internationally recognized standards, and utilizes Top 25 world branded Banks if messaging is required. SKRs as instruments come with a special purpose securitization vehicle and an ISIN number within the UK. The documentation and contractual obligations define the structure of the SKR and ultimately the value placed on it when used as an asset. Trust Indenture, Collateral Commitments and Structures

The premise of securitization is the commitment of the assets, whether it be physical assets deposited in custodian or safe keeping, or contractual obligations such as a trust indenture document directly to the Special Purpose Vehicle. The Bank Securitization consortium structures both the documentation with Law Firms, collateralization, and indenture of the assets as part of the service offered.

Company Formation, Special Purpose Securitization Vehicles, Bond SPVs, and Issuers

There are several forms of company formation that are offered by our firm. Our team forms corporations within over 50 jurisdictions globally which can act as holding companies, management companies, or the special purpose firms for indenture or commitment of assets. On occasion holding companies and special purpose vehicles are listed onto stock exchanges as part of the service. Structures include offshore corporations within over 20 jurisdictions, specializing in international business corporations, trusts, GBC 1, GBC2, Funds, Banks, and Brokerage firm licenses. Global Business Corporations 1 and 2 are holding companies and structures which assist in tax structures that benefit the owners of businesses with offshore business assets. Particularly, we have worked successfully with South African, Canadian, Indian, Chinese, Australian, Brazilian, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Qatar, Saudi Arabian, and GCC countries.

Stock Exchange Listings

Our consortium lists bonds and funds, as well as individual companies on the Mauritius Stock Exchange, Deutsche Bourse – Frankfurt listings, Berlin Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, AIM, Toronto Stock Exchange, Canadian Stock Exchange, NYSE Euronext, NASDAQ, US OTCQX, GXG Markets, Australian Stock Exchange, Trop-X Stock Exchange, and Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Our consortium works closely with www.stockexchangelistings.com