Basing a Fund & Administering a Fund in Mauritius

  • Well-developed infrastructure to support global funds from Mauritius at a much lower cost than other international jurisdictions; non-Mauritian funds may be administered from Mauritius providing counterpart jurisdiction allows it
  • Free capital markets and no exchange controls on foreign currency transfers; favourable WHT and dividend treatments under certain DTAA’s
  • No capital gains tax is levied in Mauritius
  • For Mauritius domiciled funds tax on business profits after expenses is 3% (capital gains are not business profits)
    Ultimate Court of Appeal is the Privy Council of UK House of Lords – sits in Mauritius twice per annum; legal system is a hybrid of UK jurisprudence and the Napoleonic Code
  • Large skilled labour pool compared to other island jurisdictions – skill sets compare favourably to other more expensive jurisdictions
    Operators are subject to strict regulation by the Supervisory Authorities – Financial Services Commission – “FSC”
  • Access to the Network of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties Mauritius has signed with countries around the world

Why our team, why we are different?

  • Our network partner, is led by two senior executives with combined experience of offshore finance of more than 40 years. Both are recognised experts in their fields (A Chartered Accountant and Lawyer by profession)
  • Ability to structure holdings and transactions across multiple borders by use of our international network partners;
  • Ability to work in English, French, Japanese and German
  • Customised Service Levels; vast experience with international funds
  • We are active relationship managers as well as service providers; the service will be sharp and efficient but above all our clients feel that we are part of their teams.
  • Mauritius is our base – we run the business with hands on at the heart of operations; our team is not a satellite office of a bigger firm
  • Value added service provided by our corporate finance network
  • Extensive experience in India, Europe, China, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland, and Africa in general