Best Source For Safe Keeping Receipts SKRs, MT 760s, MT 799 and Securitization

May 18, 2014 / No Comments

Through the issuance of a Safekeeping Receipt we allow our clients to utilize our infrastructure as a custodian / fiduciary third party holder’s holder of their assets for the issuance of a Safekeeping Receipt (SKR). Financial institutions request Safekeeping Receipts from asset owners for numerous reasons, such as: Proof of ownership, Proof of Funds, a […]

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Large Corporations and SME Securitization

May 17, 2014 / No Comments

Securitization Fund – Mauritius Investment Fund Structure for Large Corporations and SME loans Choosing a proper jurisdiction for building a securitization fund or for asset tax planning is a key aspect of proper consultation by the securitization firm that you work with. To build a securitization fund, we recommend working with our Financial firm licensed […]

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Securitization, Funds, and Bonds within Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS)

May 14, 2014 / No Comments

Within the BRICs nations, China has lead the way with securitization in Asia with several impressive publicly offered securitized securities. In April 2013, internet mogul Alibaba Group priced US$82 million of asset-backed securities using special asset management plans or SAMPS. Remarkably on of the internet giants first public securitizations that the China Securities Regulatory Commission […]

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