Our firm operates as an intermediary in the wholesale energy & commodities products facilitating a link between producers and end users. This service is based fundamentally on connecting clients through our wholesale proprietary networks. In addition, our firm supplies the safe keeping receipts for proof of products, MT 760, MT 799, and various other Banking Facilities to ensure the transaction is completed.

We are constantly developing and operating our proprietary networks and have successfully built a business providing value added services for our clients and then charging them when they complete their transactions while utilizing our proprietary networks. One of our proprietary systems that we work with is http://www.mining-properties.com who consults in the buying, selling, and trading of all commodities in Africa, Canada, Australia, US, India, China, GCC, and Europe.

Within our network our firm has mandates to both buy and sell, some of these clients include the largest distributors and buyers of Iron, Steel, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Chrome, Copper, Uranium, Oil, Gas, and other minerals.