Company Formation, Special Purpose Securitization Vehicles, Bond SPVs, and Issuers

There are several forms of company formation that are offered by our firm. Our team forms corporations within over 50 jurisdictions globally which can act as holding companies, management companies, or the special purpose firms for indenture or commitment of assets. On occasion holding companies and special purpose vehicles are listed onto stock exchanges as part of the service. Structures include offshore corporations within over 20 jurisdictions, specializing in international business corporations, trusts, GBC 1, GBC2, Funds, Banks, and Brokerage firm licenses. Global Business Corporations 1 and 2 are holding companies and structures which assist in tax structures that benefit the owners of businesses with offshore business assets. Particularly, we have worked successfully with South African, Canadian, Indian, Chinese, Australian, Brazilian, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Qatar, Saudi Arabian, and GCC countries.