Mauritius Investment Fund and Securitization Fund

The Mauritius Investment Fund and Securitization Fund is an ideal structure for launching an investment vehicle for Green Energy, SMEs, Development, Resources, or any business with a fixed return potential. The Investment Fund is licensed and listed within the local market, giving international exposure within a recognized financial market. Securitization funds such as Alibaba or SolarCity have been developed to raise anywhere from $50 million to in access of several $100 million for loans and development of energy projects. Securitization Funds are ideal for large scale infrastructure projects, such as agriculture, housing, energy, and infrastructure utility projects.If you are looking to raise funds, and believe going public or issuing bonds is the only way, the cheapest method is actually to build an Investment Fund, in a respected jurisdiction for international investment such as Mauritius. The Mauritius fund is built and structured to hold the assets you would like to invest in, the capital is raised by selling UNITs of the fund, which then is registered and listed on the Mauritius Stock Exchange. Mauritius Funds actually have a better reputation than Luxembourg Funds, several of the Luxembourg funds have proven to be too costly to operate, international investors have been burned by poorly managed funds within that market, and therefore, it’s a bad investment to build the structure in Luxembourg. From our firms experience, building the fund in Mauritius is more flexible and easier to run with less overhanging costs. This process and all pricing includes:

  • Global Business Licenses 1 and or Global Business License 2
  • The Fund License Domiciled in Mauritius
  • Administration, ML Reporting Officer, Deputy MLRO, NAV, Year End IFRS, Tax Residency Cert, prospectus, Mauritius Law Firm, first year Mauritius Tax Authorities, processing fees, and opening Bank accounts.
  • A management company to work as the back office of the Fund (Monthly management accounts fees apply)

*Some additional costs apply depending on the dynamics of the fund structure.

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